Our History

Flagship Management traces its corporate lineage to the 1980s, when Dan Kervick, Sr. started working in the biomedical and isokinetic equipment field for companies such as GE and Biodex.  Shortly after starting in the industry, Dan Sr started his own company, V-Tech Equipment Services, so that he could better control the high level of service his customer’s required. Dan Sr designed his business model around the unique needs of physical therapists, and this same dedication to the needs of the customer is what drives the company today.

Some of our milestones to date:

  • 1985: Dan Sr begins working in the biomedical and physical therapy field
  • 1990: Dan Sr founds V-Tech Equipment Service
  • 2015: Dan Sr and Dan Jr found Kervick-Wright
  • 2016: First expansion outside of Philadelphia, PA
  • 2016: First military veterans hired
  • 2016: First national contract signed
  • 2016: Growth across PA, OH, VA, NC, SC
  • 2017: Growth into IN, MI, GA
  • 2018: Growth into: TX, TN, NY, IL, WI, MN, IA, KS
  • 2019: Growth into: AZ, KY, MA, CT, WA, OR

What Drives Us

Our commitment to integrity, service and efficiency is what drives us.  This is evident in our commitment to hiring military veterans. Over 70%+ of our field service technicians are military veterans.  As a veteran owned and operated business, we’ve served our country, and now its time to serve you.

We solve our customer’s problems.  We don’t upsell, we don’t pitch, we don’t solicit.  We listen to our customers, understand the challenges they face at a detailed level, and deploy solutions nationally that fit their requirements and enable them to meet their own business goals.

What We Do

We serve as a true “one stop shop”, consolidated vendor for physical therapists, sports medicine, and other high-level medical and athletic professionals.  Our true turnkey solution is designed to manage your capital equipment through every step of the life cycle of a unit: equipment sales, white glove delivery and installation, preventative maintenance, electrical safety inspections, calibrations, field and bench repairs, re-upholstery, relocations and discard.

We can handle all these steps for all the medical fitness and biomedical equipment in your facility. We utilize our technology capabilities to help you track your inventory at the enterprise level by condition, and feed you this data to inform smarter business decisions.