How does Table Upholstery process work? And what is the expected turnaround time and procedure?
  • Our on-site upholstery service offers clinics the ability to receive complete professional reupholstery service without any of the hassle. In order to provide a high level of service, you will be required to work with our team to identify color, table type, table (and nose hole) dimensions and available service dates. Armed with that information, our technician will arrive on site with all the required material and tools to recover your tables in real time. You’ll no longer be without tables for an extended period of time.

    All of our material is medical grade, antibacterial vinyl and is made to last. Our services include removal and discard of old vinyl, optional padding replacement and we never apply vinyl over old vinyl (which is known to limit the wear strength of the new vinyl). Keep in mind, our technician will be on site with an air compressor which can cause a bit of noise, so (if available) our technician will work in a separate space or treatment room to minimize disturbances. Please feel free to reach out to our service team at service@flagship-management.com to request service or to have any additional questions answered.